Claim & Verify

Google Maps contains almost all businesses on the planet.

A hotel will not have the option not to be at Google Maps, as it is possible for anyone to list it.

Offers Control

In a hotel listing, Google Maps connects third party booking portals with this hotel.

Controlling this feature brings more revenue and must be a task taken very seriously.

No Random Photography

Random photos as the hotel profile photo are pushing possible bookings away.

All photographs and videos from customers and visitors must be totally controlled and the prestige of the hotel business must be always looked after.

Google Maps Street View

A hotel business must have a street view professional virtual tour.

It must be constructed with levels so the visitor does not go from the lobby to a toilette and become totally disoriented.

Street View Transfer Rights

The hotel business, like all other businesses covers the cost of a professional Street View project, thus the rights of the project must be transferred to the hotel business.

It is publicly visible who is the owner of the photos on the Street View page, on Google Maps.

Virtual Hotel

The Google Maps Street View is the base that a hotel business can operate everywhere with digital efficiency.

With the visual resources of a virtual tour project the hotel is presented in all Social Media and functions in a beyond-the-traditional way.

Virtual Video

An immersive video production can be derived out of a mere VR static photo. Combining all the multi-node virtual tour VR photos we produce a totally attention capturing video that functions with big influence any potential customer to make the booking at your hotel.

This genre of video production is a non-interactive virtual tour that combines the impressiveness of a VR video, creating a unique impression to any audience.